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Student Offerings That Are Unique to California Colleges

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Many students think that attending college in California will allow them plenty of time to study in the sun and relax at the beach. While this can certainly be true, California colleges offer other unique opportunities to students as well. Two distinct programs allow undergraduate students to define their identities and their studies by creating their very own academic majors.

The Whittier Scholars Program encourages students to think proactively about the connections between disciplines. Instead of following a set academic course, students work closely with their (more…)

California’s College Tuition Rates Versus the Rest of U.S.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

No state has seen such drastic increases in tuition fees as the state of California. This state has seen an increase in fees in its community colleges, Cal State system, and UC system. However, when compared to the rest of the nation, these fee increases don’t seem so harsh.

California community colleges have seen the costs of enrollment rise by thirty-seven percent this year. However, the average cost of attending a California community college is 1,119 each year is lower than the national average of 3,288.

The Cal State system has seen cuts in (more…)

The Top Twenty Colleges in California

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

There are many high quality colleges in California, all of which have different requirements to get in, and have different outlooks on students’ futures. There are many great colleges in California. Standford is the most well known college in California, however the other nineteen colleges are still very high quality and are worth looking into as backup colleges. Aim as high as possible, and you will do great things. These colleges will all offer you a great, bright future The best college (more…)