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California’s College Tuition Rates Versus the Rest of U.S.

No state has seen such drastic increases in tuition fees as the state of California. This state has seen an increase in fees in its community colleges, Cal State system, and UC system. However, when compared to the rest of the nation, these fee increases don’t seem so harsh.

California community colleges have seen the costs of enrollment rise by thirty-seven percent this year. However, the average cost of attending a California community college is 1,119 each year is lower than the national average of 3,288.

The Cal State system has seen cuts in its funding as well as an increase in the costs of attending them. But while the costs changed to 6,521 each year, these increases still fall under the national average of 7,186.

The only educational system in California that seems to rise above the national average is the UC system. As the UCs saw an annual cost of 13,200, it rose above the national average of only 9,185.

The state of California educates almost two-million students; nearly ten percent of the nation’s college students. With such a large amount of people to educate under many budget cuts, it stands to reason that these costs would go up; but California is still a relatively inexpensive place to get an education.

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