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Student Offerings That Are Unique to California Colleges

Many students think that attending college in California will allow them plenty of time to study in the sun and relax at the beach. While this can certainly be true, California colleges offer other unique opportunities to students as well. Two distinct programs allow undergraduate students to define their identities and their studies by creating their very own academic majors.

The Whittier Scholars Program encourages students to think proactively about the connections between disciplines. Instead of following a set academic course, students work closely with their peers and faculty advisors to design their own educational plans. Students complete capstone projects and present their work to each other and the wider college community.

The Johnson Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands also affords students the opportunity to design their own education. Students in this program work closely with faculty advisors to craft a program of study. They use a non-traditional grading system and live in a collaborative learning dorm.

Both the Whittier Scholars Program and the Johnson Center for Integrative Studies embrace the forward-thinking mentality often attributed to Californians. These unique programs allow students who wish to pursue study in various fields the opportunity to do so without the burden of completing double majors. They stress creative thinking and prepare students for lifelong achievement. The hits keep comin’: Integrated Studies in the Liberal Arts – Departmental Writing

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