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California Colleges’ Graduation and Job Placement Rates

California has many top colleges and universities to select from that offer job placement services. One of the great things about California is that no matter what you like to do, you are never too far away to do it. Whatever you wish to learn, there will be a campus that teaches it.

Choosing where to get an education is one of the major decisions that will have to be made in your lifetime. Be smart about it, know what you want and set goals to obtain it. There are guidance counselors that will help along the way, but ultimately it is your efforts and desire to succeed that will lead you down that golden road.

The overall California college graduation rate is about sixty-one percent according to Complete College America as of September 2011. The average job placement rate is about fifty-five percent. With perseverance and hard work, anything can be accomplished. Perhaps with your field of study, you could start a business of your own doing what you love.

Do not let statistical figures become a blockade on your road to success. Opportunity is around every corner, you just have to be looking for it and take advantage.

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